Hello world, and deep dive into procrastination


After years of procrastination, I’ve finally decided to give a chance to this simple space (based on Hugo), and just focus on writing contents.

I will try to force the nerd side of me not to waste time on techy stuff, which is most of the time the way to mark the bitter destiny of personal side projects.

Side projects

Writing is hard - it requires focus, skills, and time; ideas are unshaped, and training and patience are needed to transform them into understandable and compelling words.

We developers tend to automate all the boring stuff and focus on business logic; that’s why I am experimenting with some tools and services to make the writing experience less painful; maybe I’ll write something on this subject in the future.

Writing is hard

Writing for me is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (well, I tried to do it several times, miserably failing all the times).

I always tried to avoid it by sharing ideas in other expressive forms, mainly using myself as a medium (talks, videos, podcasts, etc.). Still, I always felt that a good storyteller must also be capable of writing without fear, whether writing about a small tech article or something more articulated;

As with everything else, study and practice will do the rest; I’ll put my time on the table again; let’s see if things will be better this time.

The idea, for now, is to invest 8 hours monthly just to write here. Will it be enough? We’ll see.

I’ll write about Kubernetes, Linux, development, programming languages, and other random stuff that will capture my attention, so stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS feed.